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Ace Valley Cannabis is a new Canadian cannabis brand from the people behind Ace Hill beer. Their goal is to offer simple but high-quality cannabis products, with strains that are easy to understand and even easier to enjoy. Ace valley cbd 👏🏻 - TheOCS - Reddit Ace valley cbd strain is one of the best I’ve ever tried. This anxiety reducing strain is nothing short of stellar . I love this strain and is pain relieving and productive . The taste is lemony and full bodied unlike some other cbd strains I’ve tried which have been harsh and not as good flavor as some higher cbd strains . I love this Ace Valley CBD – weedlet Description. Flowr’s Ace Valley CBD is an indoor-grown hybrid from the Okanagan Valley in BC. It has a purple colouring with a thick layer of orange, red and blue hairs, very mild THC potency and an earthy taste with fruity undertones created by the myrcene, beta- and trans-caryophyllene, limonene and terpinene in its terpene profile. Ace Valley CBD - WeedAdvisor

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Out of all the CBD strains I've tried (most of them, as they are my preference) Ace Valley was my favourite. Super chill/relaxing, also nicer looking/smelling then the rest. On a side note, I have some Yin & Yang on the way that I'm excited to try because Pennywise was one of my favourite strains pre-legalization.

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Ace Valley Sativa Pre-Roll (3-Pack) | Leafly Ace Valley Sativa pre-rolled joints are available in singles or 3-packs of 0.5g joints. Our pre-rolls are made with premium materials and offer a convenient, portable, ready-to-use product. Each pre-roll is carefully filled with whole non-irradiated flower, never shake, for maximum quality and consistency. Ace Valley Sativa Pre-Roll | Ontario Cannabis Store Earthy and fruity Ace Valley Sativa is a sativa-dominant purple and orange hybrid from Flowr with strong THC potency. It’s hand-trimmed and hang-dried indoors, and has a terpene profile that includes beta- and trans-caryophyllene, limonene and humulene. It’s available in 3.5 g and 7 g dried flower sizes.

We created Ace Valley to bring a philosophy of Quality + Simplicity to cannabis and offer a highly-curated portfolio of Ace Valley CBD Pre-Roll (3-Pack).

Canada's Recreational Cannabis Guide . Wishlist 1; Compare 0; Register or sign in; Medical Cannabis; Wishlist 1; Compare 0 Ace Valley CBD Ace Valley Hybrid Review : TheOCS I ordered some, won't do it again. The buds were very airy. I have grown for many years so I know whats required to get tight nugs. I have since tried Cannatonic from a MOM and there is no comparison I'd give ace cbd 2/5 and Cannatonic a solid 5/5 Ace Valley Sativa – weedlet Producer Ace Valley THC/CBD Range THC 7.42-17.62% CBD 0-1% (estimated potency) Produced in Ontario Ace Valley Sativa is an earthy sativa-dominant hybrid with very strong THC potency and fruity undertones. Sativa