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Sensi Star is known for high levels of THC and a strong effect. A heavily Indica-dominant hybrid with Afghani genetics with very dense, compact, solid buds. Sensi Star is a strain that makes you feel as good as the strain looks! As well as possessing an extremely high THC level, Sensi Star hits you like a freight train,  This variety is and almost pure long lasting indica, with THC levels recorded at over If you are looking to buy Sensi Star Cannabis Seeds from Paradise Seeds  The award-winning indica cannabis strain Sensi Star bares deep green and The THC level of Sensi Star averages at 15-16% and tops off at 20% in some 

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Sensi Star first blossomed under the care of Paradise Seeds, who have not yet released to the public the true parent strains of this indica. They’ve said that it’s an Afghani Indica, but Sensi Star also contains traces of sativa which shrouds the lineage in mystery. The THC level of Sensi Star averages at 15-16% and tops off at 20% in some

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Best Recreational Cannabis Strains | Marijuana Seeds Sensi Star. Sensi Plant is another beautiful marijuana plant. It grows with light purple crystal, and it has red hairs. This plant is 90% Indica. Sensi Star has a 20% THC concentration level. It will leave a user in a deeply relaxed state leading to a unique euphoric experience. This marijuana plant has a citrusy taste and earthy smell that can Death Star Weed Seeds - Strain Review | Grow-Marijuana.com You can grow the Death Star strain outdoors as long as you choose a sheltered, sunny spot and plant out seedlings when there is no risk of frost. Death Star weed is renowned for its high THC levels and the resulting potency of its high. The sour flavor may not be to everyone’s taste but if you enjoy the Diesel type strains, then you’ll Critical Sensi Star (Delicious Seeds) feminized - Zamnesia

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Sensi Star cannabis strain is an indica-dominant strain with a high THC level of 26%. The cheesy, pungent aroma quickly fades into a sweet blueberry scent as the nugs burn. With each exhale, an intriguing new layer of flavour is revealed. Users report metallic tastes as well as sweet minty notes. Type of High: Sensi Star strain - Weedy.com Sensi Star is a lemon-scented Indica with THC levels up to 20%. This strain gives users a potent yet not overwhelming mental buzz that becomes an incredibly relaxing body one. Good for use after a long day, this strain helps treat sadness, inability to sleep, tension and body pains as it makes users feel drowsy, upbeat, energized, blissful Critical Sensi Star (Indica) | LEGAL DISPENSARY Indica / Sativa Ratio. Pure Indica. Average THC / CBD Level. *THC 16.00 / 27.17% *CBD 1.06 / —% *CBN — / —%. Critical Sensi Star marijuana strain induces mind-body relaxation with good analgesic effect. Uplifts mood, energizes the mind, prompts giggles and chattiness. Alleviates depression, relieves stress, relaxes the body. May cause sexual arousal. Sensi Star Strain Information & Reviews | Where's Weed